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Decker’s Unique Pumping and Cleaning Service

The most important thing you can do to maintain your septic system is to have your septic tank inspected and pumped on a regular basis.

Decker begins with a full and complete inspection of your septic system.  Based upon the age, size, and type of your system, along with the number of people in your household, Decker will make a recommendation as to how frequently your septic tank needs to be drained and cleaned. In most cases that time frame will range from about one (1) to three (3) years.

The actual process of cleaning your septic tank is what separates Decker Excavation from the competition in the septic-service industry.

Most septic service providers will pump out the tank but keep in mind that even a partially full septic tank will be about one-third full of sludge on the bottom, with waste water in the middle and scum floating at the top. Sludge is just what it sounds like. It is thick and heavy, with a mud-like consistency that has been compressed at the bottom of the septic tank by the effluent and scum that floats above it. Pumping will remove the water and scum but suctioning out the sludge is an entirely different proposition.

Imagine a thick, chocolate fudge milkshake that has not been properly stirred or shaken. The hot fudge will congeal at the bottom of the glass and there is no way you can suck it all up with a straw. You have to spoon it out and even then you won’t get it all.

Decker’s septic cleaning process is unique in that we don’t just pump the tank and hope we get all of the sludge. At Decker, after pumping out as much as we can, we actually scrap the bottom of the tank to remove 100% all of the sludge.


The failure of a septic system that is not properly maintained is as inevitable as the change of seasons and is one of the most unpleasant experiences a homeowner will have. And, it will be equally unpleasant for one’s neighbors. The cost of cleaning up the mess and replacing a septic system is also an expensive proposition but one that can easily be avoided with the kind of preventive maintenance Decker’s Septic can provide.

For a septic system to work properly, everything must be in balance. First of all, the system must have enough capacity to handle the amount of effluent (waste water) produced by the household. If the septic system fails or becomes clogged at any point along the septic process, it will set off a chain reaction of foul smelling, unpleasant, and unhealthy consequences at both ends of the septic system. If the distribution box or drainage system becomes clogged and is unable to evenly distribute effluent throughout the drain field, the ground becomes saturated, which then prevents the septic tank from draining properly. This keeps the septic tank from doing its important work in separating contaminants and treating the waste water. The result is that contaminated water flows prematurely into a drainage system that is already clogged and where the effluent has nowhere to go but up. In the meantime, sewage from the house cannot flow into the septic tank that has, itself, become a blockage. This sewage has nowhere to go but back into the house creating backed up drains and toilets.

Whether you are beginning to worry that your septic system has been ignored for too long, or it is exhibiting signs of a problem, a simple phone call to Decker ‘s is the first step toward peace of mind.  Our professionals will inspect the entire system from septic tank, drainage pipes, distribution box and pump, to the drain field.  Hopefully, you will have acted in time and a simple pumping of the septic tank and establishment of a preventive maintenance schedule will be all that is required.  If the septic system has failed, or is about to, Decker’s professionals will recommend repair or replacement and provide a detailed estimate of the cost of the required work. They will also provide an estimate of the kind of preventive maintenance regimen you wish you had begun before all the trouble started.

Installation of new and replacement Septic Systems

Decker’s Septic serves the Pine Barrens area of South Jersey including: Medford, Southampton, Shamong, Tabernacle, Columbus, Springfield, Robinsville, Princeton, Sewell, and Medford Lakes where the majority of homes rely on septic systems rather than sewers. Decker’s Septic brings over 25 years of experience in the installation of new or replacement septic systems. The professionals at Decker’s Septic have expertise in all aspects of the ongoing maintenance and repair of systems, whether or not they handled the original installation.

Routine Maintenance

While some homeowners go years without doing so, septic maintenance and septic tank cleaning should be done regularly with the tank pumped periodically, depending on the type and size of the septic system and the number of members of the household.  Homeowners who suffer the unpleasant consequences of waiting too long to service their septic system are unlikely to make that mistake a second time.  Our professionals will be happy to make a recommendation as to the frequency of septic maintenance services based on the unique characteristics of your system, family, and property.


Decker’s uses approved chemical products to keep your septic system working properly

Distribution Box

The distribution box is key to the proper function of the drain field by properly distributing effluent  (waste water) evenly throughout the field . Decker’s can inspect, repair, or replace the distribution box  and/or the lid.

Pump and Float

Whenever gravity cannot reliably distribute effluent throughout the drain field, a pump and float mechanism, often with an alarm, are necessary. Decker’s professionals can install, inspect, repair or replace these septic components.

Blockages of Septic and Sewer Drains

Drain blockages often develop as a result of the passage of time or lack of maintenance. Using a high pressure hose for drains can be as effective as it is for cleaning your pavement, brick or siding. When the nozzle reaches the clog, our power jets attack the blockage with water under high pressure, which powers through the blockage to clear the drain.

At other times, tree roots or other foreign objects block drains and clearing the clog requires cutting through the blockage. Our power snaking equipment enables us to reach and clear drains with these more challenging blockages.

Septic Certification

The state of New Jersey requires that your septic system be certified before you can sell your home. Decker Septic is a licensed inspector for septic certification. If you’re not sure your septic has been certified call Decker Septic to schedule an appointment.

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